Keystone’s safety program embodies the prevention of accidental injury, property damage, and occupational illness.  No single feature of our work is of more importance. Keystone has been an OSHA Partner in safety since 2007. Our commit to safety has granted our company this prestigious partnership. Keystone is one of only two concrete contractors in the state of Texas to qualify for an OSHA Partnership.

Every employee on our projects is obligated to conform to the requirements of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act, as well as our own safety program.  Now with the advent of the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, a major emphasis is placed on the dangers associated with various hazardous chemicals that may be in use on our job sites.

It is our policy to provide a safe and healthy place to work at all times.  All of our employees are expected to conduct their work in a safe and healthful manner.  This is not just because it is federal law, but because it is the most effective way of conducting business.All supervisory employees accept the responsibility for the prevention of accidents and illness and the safety of the work under their direction.

The result of our safety and health efforts will affect our overall success.  Our goal is accident and illness free work with the traditional Keystone quality.