Texas homebuilders in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio expect high quality and that’s what Keystone delivers! For over 18 years, Keystone Concrete has earned its great reputation in the home building business by exceeding client’s expectations. Most home builders have several projects being constructed at the same time. Keystone takes the frustration away from the builders by employing only the best in the business. Our employees make the difference.

Not only does Keystone deliver the best new house slabs in Texas, but they care about the environment too. Keystone has partnered with suppliers to use recycled materials such as fly ash and eco friendly lumber. Keystone always uses locally available materials which reduces emissions and fuel consumption from hauling trucks.

From tract builders to large custom homes, Keystone has the experience to make your new project a great experience!


15,000 sq.ft. Basement in Houston,Texas

About This Project Keystone Residential getting started on a 15,000 sq.ft. basement in Houston,Texas! Notice the shoring system and dewatering. A project this size can only be trusted to the Pro's at Keystone. This home is located in the River Oaks area and will be over 25,000 sq.feet when completed.Read more