Texas Bankers Association

A bank building inspired by a bank vault comes to life near the Texas state capital.

Project Summary

Capital Quality

This project was a completely exposed concrete structure. The concrete finishes called for an ACI Class A finish requiring job-specific plywood, joint spacing, ties, and cone sizes. It was designed to mimic the cage of a bank vault,

The east wall was the major focal point of the project. At 16” thick and requiring a very specific finish on a tight schedule, the wall was run ahead of the decks. To achieve the most consistent finish, a Self-Consolidating Concrete Mix “SCC” was used eliminating the need for vibrating the concrete during placement.

The Lobby and Garage walls had a 25’ Radius. This radius, combined with the required ties, plywood seams, and construction joint spacing, made these walls extremely difficult to complete.

  • General Contractor: Beck
  • Project Length: 1 Year
  • Year Complete: 2022
  • Project Value: $7,850,000
  • Total Square footage: 204,000
  • Structure Height: 125′